About Us

Welcome to the Canadian Sugar Institute

The Canadian Sugar Institute (CSI) is a national, non-profit association that provides a science-based Nutrition Information Service and seeks fair treatment on international trade policies and disputes.

The Institute was incorporated in 1966 to address issues of national importance which are distinct from the competitive activities of funding member companies. As such, the Institute is not involved in any product-specific sales, marketing, and promotion activities. Priorities of the Institute include: 

  • providing a science-based Nutrition Information Service;
  • seeking fair treatment on international trade policies, agreements, and disputes;
  • collecting, analyzing, and disseminating statistics, technical reports, and other information; and
  • cooperating with allied groups in the areas of government relations, education, research, and communications.

CSI is funded by Canadian producers of sugar (sucrose) from sugar cane and sugar beets. CSI does not represent other sugars such as corn sweeteners or alternative sweeteners. 

The Institute is managed and operated by a small professional staff qualified to address nutrition and international trade mandates. 

Strategic Priorities

To fulfill CSI's mission, CSI staff focus on two  strategic priorities:

  1. Nutrition Information Service
  2. International Trade Issue Management

Nutrition Advisors and Academic Partners

CSI’s nutrition professionals seek advice and input from nutrition experts and professional groups to ensure accurate scientific communications. For a listing of CSI's advisors and partners, click here

International Trade Alliances

To meet CSI's trade policy objectives, CSI collaborates with a number of Canadian and international organizations supporting the need to improve access to export markets. For a listing of CSI's international trade alliances, click here