Strategic Priorities

To fulfill CSI's mission, CSI staff focus on two strategic priorities:

1. Nutrition Information Service

CSI maintains a Nutrition Information Service to inform Canadian health professionals, educators, consumers and the media about current scientific information on sugars, carbohydrates and health.

To accomplish this, the Nutrition Information Service:

  • reviews and evaluates the totality of the evidence on sugars and health;
  • uses the highest level of evidence to develop science-based communications, including print and digital resources; and
  • cooperates with allied groups in the areas of government relations, education, research, and communications. 

The Nutrition Information Service is managed by qualified nutrition professionals including registered dietitians and nutrition researchers and is guided by a Scientific Advisory Council

2. International Trade Issue Management

CSI provides industry consensus to government on trade policy, international agreements and disputes, and works collaboratively with other stakeholders to advance mutual objectives. CSI's key objectives include:

  • improving access to the United States and other export markets
  • supporting efforts to gain more liberalized sugar trade globally
  • seeking redress from unfair trade practices
  • encouraging government policy to enhance the industry's cost competitiveness.

The Institute is not involved in the marketing, promotion, or sale of sugar, or food or beverages that contain sugar.