Nature's Sweet Mystery

An Integrated Curriculum Resource for Grades 4-6

Nature’s Sweet Mystery is an exciting teaching resource for grades 4-6 across Canada. Through experiments and activities, students learn about food science, food production, the human body, nutrition and physical activity within a series of four Missions. To download a complete PDF copy of the resource, please click here (1.9M pdf) or each individual mission can be downloaded below.

Student Activities and Experiments:

Nature's Sweet Mystery

MISSION 1 – Exploring Food Chains

Activity 1:1 – Find Out About Photosynthesis
Activity 1:2 – Photosynthesis in Action
Activity 1:3 – Create a Food Chain
Activity 1:4 – Make Your Own Mini Food Chain

MISSION 2 – Exploring Food from Field to Table

Activity 2:1 – Food Around the World
Activity 2:2 – From Field to Table
Activity 2:3 – Preserving Food Energy
Activity 2:4 – Making Sugar Crystals

MISSION 3 – Exploring the Human Body

Activity 3:1 – Tongue Detector
Activity 3:2 – Your Digestive System
Activity 3:3 – Find a Starchy Food
Activity 3:4 – Your Food Processor

MISSION 4 - Exploring Energy Balance

Activity 4:1 – Learning About Nutrition Information on Food Labels
Activity 4:2 – Interpreting Nutrition Facts Tables
Activity 4:3 – Exercising for Energy
Activity 4:4 – Tune Into Your Body

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Clips on Sugars

Fact sheets offering practical information about sugar

Balancing Food and Activity for Healthy Weights
Breakfast Brain Booster
Calories and Body Weight
Different Sugars for Different Tastes
Facts on Sugars
Fuel for Your Activity
Healthy Teeth for a Healthy You!
Sugar: From Plant to Food
Sugars and Health
Understanding the Glycemic Index

Additional Resources

Institute of Food Technologists Food Science Activities
Concerned Children’s Advertisers Public Service Announcements
Health Canada Eat Well and Be Active Educational Toolkit
Canadian Physical Activity Guidelines